• Culhwch


    Arthurs cousin. A man who bears a curse that is leading him to his death
  • Iona Thatcher

    Iona Thatcher

    The 14 year old squire to the Late King Arthur
  • Sir Agravian

    Sir Agravian

    A knight of tha round with the most questionable morals of all the chivalrious knights
  • Sir Bedivere

    Sir Bedivere

    a handsome, one-handed knight under Arthur's command one of the knights of the round table
  • Sir Dagonet

    Sir Dagonet

    A Crafty gregarious man who was a jester befor he was a knight. some wonder if arthur originally knighted him as a joke
  • Sir Dinadan

    Sir Dinadan

    The knight who is stangly known as the knight without fear even though he often chooses Descretion over Valor
  • Sir Gareth

    Sir Gareth

    A young humble knight known for his quiet intelegence and kind disposition
  • Sir Gawain

    Sir Gawain

    A noble young knight with great knowlage of healing herbs and a strange source of power
  • Sir Grifelt

    Sir Grifelt

    One of the first knights of the round he is a wise adviser to arthur and the knights
  • Sir Kay

    Sir Kay

    A model knight of the round he is one of arthurs first knights
  • Sir Lionel

    Sir Lionel

    an acomplished hunter and younger knight of the round table
  • Sir Tristram

    Sir Tristram

    A knight of the round who continues to uphold his oath even after death