A begining in a world much like our own

It is 450 A.D. The Roman Empire is beginning to fall apart and is making way for the other rising powers in the world. Persia is expanding east and China is currently in The war of the three Kingdoms. The Franks Gauls and Slavs are waring over the remnants of the roman empire. Christianity is spreading like wildfire through Europa and the East is dominated by Hinduism Buddhism and faint touches of Shintoism. The Peoples of North America are in their Tribal state as is Africa. South America is seeing the height of the Civilization of the Inca, Aztecs and Mayans Tales of monsters and spirits still run rampant through the lands. Gods of the old world though quickly being stamped out by the rapid spread of Christianity still see much worship and the onset of the Medieval age is seeing the birth of many great artifacts. this is where our tale begins as a fated meeting between three unlikely comrades takes place.


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